Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the correction of improper bites or malocclusions. Dentists use orthodontic devices like Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps between teeth and correct misalignments. Straightened teeth will not only improve your smile and boost your self-confidence but also provide a lot of health benefits.

Dental health and Invisalign

Invisalign uses a series of removable plastic aligners to move your teeth according to the plan created by your Lincroft dentists. This unique method of straightening your teeth allows you to maintain your oral health in ways that can be impossible when you wear traditional metal braces. The removable appliance allows you to eat, drink and clean your mouth easily. You can keep up with your oral hygiene by simply removing it when you need to brush or floss and then put it back afterwards. With regular brushing and flossing, you can avoid plaque buildup and prevent gum problems.

Once the treatment is over, it’ll be easier for you to clean your teeth and gums because your crooked and gapped teeth are straightened and properly aligned in place.


Since it is detachable, you can eat anything you want. Just take it out and feast on your favorite food. No food restrictions compared with the traditional braces and no need to worry about food being trapped in between your teeth because you can just remove the food debris by brushing and flossing after eating.

Health benefits

By correcting misaligned teeth, Invisalign makes it easier for you to speak and chew properly and prevent the occurrence of some symptoms associated with misaligned bites like headaches, teeth grinding and discomfort when biting or chewing.

Enjoy the benefits of a straight and healthy smile with the help of your Lincroft dentists. Feel free to contact Dr. Mitchel Friedman and Dr. Julia Cintron of Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903. Call now and book an appointment right away!