Dentures are the most popular dental restoration used by dental patients around the world. It’s no wonder they are popular; they have been around for centuries. As early as 500 BC, people have been creating dentures out of various materials to perform the same functions as our natural teeth. Unfortunately, patients accept that they will be using dentures before they fully understand what that means for them. We’ve put together a small list of some things that will help you make the switch to dentures.

A Good Denture is a Well-Fitting Denture

Dentures that don’t fit well will make you completely miserable. The secret to a successful denture experience is maintaining the fit of your dentures. From the first time you put dentures in, you should make sure that you are comfortable with the fit. As time goes, the fit will change, so regular adjustments will be very important.

Expect to Spend Time With the Learning Curve

As with every new experience, there is a learning curve to consider. It will take time for your muscles to learn their new roles, and for you to adjust to the movements necessary for maintaining a great denture experience.

Don’t Try to Avoid the Dental Office

Just because your teeth are false does not mean that you don’t need to see a dentist. We check the health of your entire mouth, not just your teeth. Denture wearers need routine checkups to look for problems with the fit of their dentures as well as the health of their gums.

Making the switch from natural teeth to Dentures is a big learning experience. With some idea of what to expect, you can end up with a much better result. Contact us today to set up an appointment where you can learn about the world of dentures. We can’t wait to help you get ready for this new part of your life.