The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that within the last year, about 81% of kids ranging in age from two to 17 have gone to see a dentist. These kinds of regular appointments help to serve as the basis of preventive dental care, along with consistent brushing and flossing. But what about as an adult, when the structure or appearance of your teeth have declined and the intercession of a professional who specializes in aesthetic dentistry is needed?

For example, if any of your teeth have suffered from decay over time, rendering them ineffective when attempting to eat, you’ll likely want to consider getting dental implant surgery. Modern implants, which typically consist of titanium roots used as the basis for artificial replacements, enable you to complete everyday tasks. The procedure itself boasts a success rate of roughly 98%, according to scientific journals on the subject. This approach is decidedly much more preferable to the technique used by ancient Mayans around the year 600 AD, in which bits of shell were installed in a person’s gums with a hammer.

On a much less painful note, dental porcelain veneers may make for the ideal option if your teeth have become discolored over time as a result of drinking coffee or wine, or from smoking, or if your teeth have otherwise been susceptible to deterioration. These thin laminated pieces are applied directly to the teeth using a bond. The result is whiter looking teeth, with which you can feel more comfortable. Before making a decision regarding this procedure, however, you’ll want to carefully consider dental veneer costs.

If you have any general questions or comments on cosmetic dentistry, or you have specific tips for comparing dental veneer costs, be sure to make your thoughts known in the section below.