Many Americans are so eager to brighten their smile that they try various over-the-counter products without even knowing the right way to whiten their teeth. They use pastes, mouth rinses, strips, gels, and ready-made trays, which could hurt their gums and damaging their precious teeth when they are not used properly.

Wouldn’t you want to whiten your teeth in a safe and effective manner instead?

If you ask Dr. Mitchel Friedman of Newman Springs Dental Care, he’ll show you the best way to get a dazzling smile and offer advice on how you can take care of your pearly whites. Here are some of the important things that you should know about teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening treatment is not for everyone. It’s not recommended for the following:

  • Children below 16 years old
  • Pregnant and lactating moms
  • People with gum problems, cavities, worn enamel and expose tooth roots
  • Patients with fillings, crowns, bridges and other dental restorations
  • Individuals with darkly stained teeth

In-office bleaching is effective in removing organic stains caused by certain foods and drinks, bad oral habits, smoking, and normal wear and tear. On the contrary, it’s resistant to discoloration caused by trauma, overexposure to fluoride, and tetracycline antibiotics taken during tooth-formation.

It’s wise to consult your Lincroft dentist so that he/she can assess if you’re a right candidate for teeth whitening. The assessment involves a review of your medical and oral health. You also need to undergo a complete examination of your teeth and gums and get professional cleaning before the treatment.

Take note that dentist-supervised whitening is safe and effective compared with DIY products because a trained professional performs the procedure. Your dentist will ensure that your gums, lips, and cheeks are protected during the application of the peroxide gel.

Lastly, you need to observe oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly, and avoid smoking so that you’re bright smile will last longer.

Get a dazzling smile with the help of your Lincroft dentist. Set a schedule for your checkup by calling 732-352-3903 today.