It’s no secret that missing teeth can be a problem, and not just a cosmetic one. True, when you are missing front teeth, it affects your smile, and as a result, your confidence and self-esteem. But when you are missing back teeth, also known as molars, it affects what you can eat, which affects your health.
Don’t think that missing teeth is something you just have to put up with. In fact, missing teeth will just lead to more missing teeth and other health problems, if you are not careful. Also, the teeth you have left will spread out, leaving unsightly spaces between them.

At Newman Springs Dental Care, we want to help you overcome the challenge of missing teeth. Visit our office in Lincroft and we will help you decide which tooth replacement solution best suits your needs.

The Problem With Dentures

Dentures are probably the most well known form of tooth replacement, and they have been around in some capacity for centuries. Certainly, dentures are an adequate solution for missing teeth, and much better than just going without. But they are by no means perfect.

Even though dentures are a decent cosmetic solution, and will allow you much more freedom in choosing food, they do nothing to maintain the integrity of the bone structure in your jaw. This means that without teeth your jawbone will deteriorate over time.

When it come to the effectiveness of dentures, it’s all about the fit. If the dentures do not fit properly, then they will move around inside your mouth, which is not only distracting, it is very comfortable and can even run sores onto your soft gum tissue.

When dentures become loose, they tend to fall out at the most inopportune moments, like when eating or laughing. This can lead to some fairly embarrassing social situations. This also limits what you are able eat. Loose dentures can not handle foods that require vigorous chewing, so you will have to stick with foods that are soft and easy to chew, which are not always the best for you.

Even if your dentures fit perfectly at first, the fact that your jawbone deteriorates without teeth means that the shape of your gums will change, which will affect the fit of your dentures.

The All-On-4 Solution

Newman Springs Dental Care has a solution to your denture problems. It’s called All-On-4. This procedure use four dental implants to anchor a set of dentures directly to your jaw. With All-On-4 you won’t have to worry about your dentures coming loose, or dealing with foul tasting dental adhesives. Your dentures will stay in place no matter how vigorously you chew or laugh. The implants are permanently bonded with your jawbone, so those dentures aren’t going anywhere.

Since All-On-4 only uses for implants, it is far less invasive than traditional implants, which require a titanium post for each individual tooth. In fact, with All-On-4, the posts can be implanted, and the dentures can be placed onto the implants in the same visit. This means you will walk out of our Lincroft office with a brand new smile.

If you have loss some bone density over the years, then traditional dental implants may not be an option. In order to support all those implants, you have to have quite a bit of bone mass, but All-On-4 only uses four implant posts, so you don’t have to have as much bone mass. However, if you have severe loss of bone density, then a bone graft may be necessary to support the implant posts.

What We Can Do

If dental procedures make you nervous, don’t let that keep you from repairing your smile with All-On-4. Newman Springs Dental can ease your anxiety with sedation dentistry. Sedation will help you relax and sit comfortably for the duration of the procedure. In fact, even if you do not experience dental anxiety, sedation can be helpful so that you can receive longer procedures and treatments in one visit.

No More Missing Teeth

There is no need to go on putting up with difficulty chewing. Or hiding your smile because of embarrassing gaps. Tooth replacement at Newman Springs Dental Care is easy, effective, and with modern sedation dentistry, pain free.

So, don’t wait. Come visit our office in Lincroft and see if All-On-4 is right for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.