Missing teeth or bad dentures can change your life in a negative way. You think about these limitations every time you smile, speak, and especially eat. Millions of people in this country are living in a similar circumstance, and may not have the resources to fix their problems.

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Today we want to share some special information about how dental implants can transform your smile better than other options.

The Strongest Tooth Replacement Option

Dental implants have been used in dentistry for several decades now, and they are the strongest tooth replacement option available. Placing dental implants has become much easier and reliable! The newer root-form dental implants are made from titanium and merge with your jawbone over the course of about three to four months, creating a stable foundation for your new teeth.

Let’s take a quick look at your options for replacing teeth. Whenever you lose a tooth, you have many options. You can do nothing. You can get a removable denture. If you have a single missing tooth, you can have a bridge. Or you can use dental implants. Here are a few reasons why we see implants as the superior optional in terms of function.

Why Implants are Better Than Doing Nothing

If you do nothing after losing a tooth, you’ll notice a few things right away. First off, the missing tooth or missing teeth will create obvious gaps in your smile. In fact, it can be downright distracting. Even one single missing tooth can destroy an otherwise great smile. Secondly, you won’t be able to eat the food you love. Without any replacement teeth, your diet will be severely limited. If you’re missing an entire arch of teeth and do not replace them, you’ll have to switch to a bland, soft-food diet.
Implants can be restored with lifelike restorations that allow you to eat whatever you want again.

Why Implants Are Better Than Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are the most common way to replace missing teeth. We dentists have used this treatment for hundreds of years. Today’s dentures look amazing and are extremely detailed and lifelike! But the big problem with dentures is that you cannot eat the food you want. A good set of dentures will give you about 50 percent of the biting force you had with natural teeth. Some research suggests that percentage is as low as 25 percent. Either way, your food options are severely limited when you wear removable dentures. Additionally, dentures rest on the gums and can dislodge whenever you speak, laugh, or eat.

Implants are nearly as strong and durable as your natural teeth. If you’re currently living with bad dentures, we can even use implants to stabilize your dentures.
IMPORTANT NOTE … There is a physical change that occurs whenever you lose teeth. The teeth set in the jawbone, and whenever you lose teeth, the jawbone will recede. This jawbone recession will cause your face to change. People with jawbone recession often develop wrinkles around their mouth, and see a reduction in height between their nose and chin. This is the basic “sunken in” look. The constant changes in the jawbone also make it harder to find a good denture fit.

Why Implants Are Better Than Bridges

Bridges, like dentures, have been used in dentistry for many, many years. Until we perfected the use of dental implants, the bridge was still the best way to replace a single missing tooth, or even a section or missing teeth. A bridge consists of three dental crowns, which the middle crown filling the gapped created by the missing tooth. The other two supporting crowns are placed on healthy. To place a bridge, we need to file down two healthy teeth — even if those teeth are free of cavities. As you can imagine, this method is extremely invasive. Plus, any time we file down a tooth, we run the risk of future problems — such as the tooth needing root canal therapy.

Placing a dental implant, while technically oral surgery, is actually less invasive than getting a bridge because the implant only addresses the missing tooth. We won’t need to filed down any teeth nearby the missing tooth.

To review … implants can restore your biting power. They look great. And implants are placed with a 98 percent success rate! This treatment is safe and predictable. Our Lincroft NJ dental team would love to talk with you about your smile goals. Give us a call today at 732-352-3903 or use the online form to request a visit.