Unfortunately, adults don’t get a visit from the tooth fairy when they lose a tooth. Instead, adults get a whole lot of frustration from trying to pick the best restoration to making time in their schedule for the necessary appointments, etc. We can ease those frustrations a little bit by assuring you that the best restoration available is a dental implant. Other restorations only take the crown of the tooth into consideration, but an implant will replace the entire tooth.

To better understand, you need to realize how big your entire tooth is. You generally only see the crown of the tooth, but you also have a tooth root that reaches down to secure itself with your jawbone. The tooth root holds the jawbone in place, preventing a loss of bone mass in your jaw and keeping the crown of your tooth completely steady and functional. By restoring only the crown on a missing tooth, we are missing a lot of power and security.

The Implant Replaces it All

A dental implant can replace the entire tooth from top of crown to tip of root. An implant is a titanium post that we insert directly into the jawbone. The same security and stability that your tooth root provided can be replicated with the implant. We then attach a beautiful crown to the top of your implant, creating a two-piece solution that replaced the root and crown of your lost adult tooth.

There is only one way to truly restore a missing tooth, and it requires the skill and power of a dental implant. Contact us today to ask about implants. Let us know what questions you have. We are sure you’ll love the concept and will be ready to invest in an implant very soon!