When you need to replace a lot of teeth, one of your best options is dentures. Call us today at 732-352-3903 to schedule your next appointment for this dental restoration. Our dentists are highly skilled at using dentures to restore your smile.

Dentures Are A Great Choice

There are several ways to replace a lost tooth or two. Dental bridges and dental implants can both do that well. But neither dental restoration is designed to replace many lost teeth. That’s where dentures come in.

Removable dentures feature a full arch of replacement teeth that are durable, strong, and life-like. They look and feel just like healthy teeth. They’re set in a gum-colored base that fits snugly over your real gums. Once there, you can smile and chew with confidence. Dentures from our Lincroft, NJ dental office are removable. They’re held in place by a combination of the shape of the base and a special, non-toxic adhesive.

Tips for Keeping Dentures Comfortable And Strong

For most people, dentures last for 10 years or more. But that means you’re taking good care of your dentures and the gums they rest on. To help ensure your dentures last long and stay comfortable, follow these tips.

Take your dentures out every night

Removable dentures are just that — removable. As such, you are supposed to take them out from time to time. If you keep them in overnight, you’re putting pressure on your gums when they need to be resting. Over time, this can lead to sore spots and your dentures not fitting right. Make sure you take out your removable dentures each night.

Be careful when handling your dentures

In most ways, dentures are very tough. They can handle a lot of pressure from chewing all kinds of foods for years and years. However, that’s because they’re designed to do that. If you were to drop your dentures on a hard floor, they could either break or bend out of the needed shape.

As with wearing dentures all night, this could lead to your dentures not fitting right. When you take them out each night, make sure you handle them with care.

Keep your dentures in water when not in use

Again, it comes down to how dentures are designed.

Your mouth is always wet with saliva. That means any dental restoration (including dentures) needs to be able to handle the wet environment. If you take your dentures out and let them dry, you putting them where they’re not designed to be.

Dentures that dry out can warp slightly. This could make your dentures fall out more often or feel uncomfortable on your gums. When you take them out each night, keep them covered by water. This will help make your dentures last.

Use cold or lukewarm water for your dentures

When you need to clean something really well, you use very hot water. It breaks down grease better, and it helps keep it more sanitary. However, hot water can actually change the shape of your dentures, especially the gum-colored base. If you clean your dentures daily, you won’t have any need for very hot water.

Clean your dentures every day

Speaking of which, your dentures still need to be cleaned like your teeth. You won’t get cavities in your replacement teeth, but they can get stained. Your dentures can also start to smell if food particles are left on them for too long. You can use a denture toothpaste or a denture cleaner. Both do the job well when used as directed.

Just skip the regular toothpaste. If it’s designed for natural teeth, it could be too abrasive for the replacement teeth in your dentures.

Visit our Lincroft, NJ dental office at least every six months

Your mouth can change over time. For example, the shape of your gums can alter a bit depending on your health and other factors. Even if you take perfect care of your dentures, you still need to come in every six months like normal. That way, our dentists can make any small adjustments to your dentures needed to keep them comfortable and secure.

In addition, you could have problems with gum disease. If your gums get irritated or infected by harmful bacteria, this could cause a big problem if you wear dentures.

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