We don’t always understand technology when it first arrives on the scene. It’s cool, but until we really see the benefits, all it gets is cool points. We hear that about CEREC technology. CEREC is cool, but how does it really benefit the patient? We are here to enlighten you with a true story of how wrong crowns can go, and how easily CEREC could correct the problem!

A patient goes to her dentist for a crown. Her tooth is prepared, impressions taken, temporary placed, and she goes home to wait. When she returns three weeks later, they discover that her crown does not fit. New impressions, temporary replaced, and back home to wait. On a Friday evening of a holiday weekend, her temporary crown breaks. She has to wait until the following week to have it repaired, and then continue to wait for her permanent crown. When it finally arrives, the dentist discovers that her tooth is now infected and will require a root canal before he can place the permanent crown to restore her tooth.

Protecting Your Teeth and Wallet

If this patient had access to CEREC, things would have looked a lot different. She would have walked in, had her tooth prepared, had digital impressions taken, and read an article in a magazine while her crown was created. Even if it didn’t fit and new impressions had to be taken, all she would do is read another article while she waited. There would be no risk of infecting her tooth, no broken temporary, and only one visit to the office instead of three!

Yes, CEREC Crowns is cool, but don’t get lost in the cool factor and miss out on the fact that CEREC can actually save you a lot of pain, discomfort, and money. Contact us today to learn more about CEREC. We’d love to show you what CEREC can do!