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It goes without saying that a healthy smile is always rooted in excellent oral hygiene habits. What is that all about? Well, simply put, these are the sort of things that you must keep up with at home, and also the things you have to allow your dentist to do for you on a regular basis.

When you approach oral health as a partnership (between patients and dentists), it really is pretty easy to stay on track.

Happy Smiles Take A Little Effort

It makes sense to start at the beginning. And, when it comes to hygiene practices, brushing is regarded as your first line of defense. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, for two or more minutes at a stretch. We certainly agree with that suggestion. Brushing will help protect your mouth from the tartar, plaque, and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease if it isn’t eradicated.

Daily brushing is great. But you should be also be flossing, rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash, and so forth. These kinds of things will take some effort and perseverance on your part but they will go a long way towards keeping your mouth in good condition between dental checkups.

Newman Springs Dental Care Is Here For You

Here’s the deal: in order to truly optimize your oral health, you need to be setting up regular dental exams and teeth cleanings with us every 3-6 months. This is so that we can be on top of any developing issues in your mouth or elsewhere in your body.

Conditions like periodontal disease, oral cancer, etc. are always easier and less costly to treat early on. Prevention and prompt treatment make a lot more sense (and are less costly and painful) than finding out about something further down the road and trying to rein it in then.

What’s more, our professional teeth cleanings will also help keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition. This service will build upon your efforts at home and will take care of any remaining tartar, plaque, bacteria, etc.

It’s alright if you have been away from the dentist’s chair for a while. We won’t try to lecture you or make you feel bad.

In fact, if you are dealing with any level of dental phobia or anxiety, we can help put your fears to rest, quite literally, with sedation dentistry. Whatever it takes, to keep you on the good road, that’s what we’ll do at Newman Springs Dental Care!

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