We don’t have to tell you that whiter teeth make your smile look nicer.

You already know this. There’s a reason there are so many products marketing themselves as “whitening” in the toothpaste aisle. Those gels, trays, strips, and (yes) toothpaste can have some benefits.

But none of them are going to give you a white smile like cosmetic dentistry that we offer at Newman Springs Dental Care. If you live in or near Lincroft, NJ, now is a great time to find out if professional teeth whitening or dental veneers will work for you.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s arriving soon, you can have the bright smile you want in time for your next big family gathering or office party.
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The Professional Teeth Whitening Difference

Before you pick up a pack of whitening strips during your next trip to the store, you need to know a few things.

The first thing might surprise you. Those whitening strips use the same bleaching agent as professional teeth whitening products. The difference is how concentrated it is.

Professional products can be 7 to 11 times stronger than commercial ones. It’s like the difference between using a pressure washer to clean dirt from your house or driveway or using your garden hose. Both are using the same thing, but one is clearly more effective.

By choosing professional whitening, you can remove more of those deep stains from your teeth in less time. By coming to our office, you have your choice of in-office or take-home whitening products.

If you are looking for the fastest possible results, our in-office teeth whitening is the right option for you. If you a looking for something you can use on your own time and at your convenience, then you would probably prefer our take-home products.

Many of our patients use a combination. We’ve had several patients come to us for in-office whitening first. Then, they use our take-home products to touch up their smiles and to keep their teeth looking bright.

Dental Veneers May Work As Good Or Better

Our professional teeth whitening is an excellent way for many people to remove years of stains from their smiles. These can come from food, drinks, and tobacco use.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening isn’t a good option for everyone. If you have cavities or multiple fillings or crowns, then whitening will not have the same benefits for you.
Likewise, stains are not the only reason you may have discolored teeth. Worn-down enamel, injuries, and illnesses all can cause teeth to change colors. A stain remover isn’t going to have much effect in those situations.

This is one of the reasons you may want to consider dental veneers. Instead of removing the stains from your teeth, veneers are more like a cover that conceals the flaws in your smile. When veneers are bonded to your teeth, they can be shaded to make your smile look as white and bright as you would like.

It generally takes a few weeks for your veneers to be crafted before they can be bonded to your teeth. But if you see us soon, you could have your new smile before you open your present from your secret Santa at work.

Which Is Right For You?

To truly answer this question, we would need to conduct an in-person consultation with you. That gives us a chance to examine your teeth and discuss what you want your smile to look like.

If you have healthy teeth and your only interest is having a whiter smile, then professional teeth whitening could be your best bet. If you have tooth decay or gum disease, we would want to clean up those issues first.

If want to do more than just whiten your smile — for example, close a gap between teeth — veneers could help you address both those issues at the same time. Veneers also will resist staining more than natural teeth, which could help you retain your white smile longer than you would with teeth whitening.

Our team at Newman Springs Dental Care would be happy to answer any questions you may have about whitening, dental veneers, or our other cosmetic services.

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