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dentures-Lincroft-NJ-Newman-Springs-Dental-CareSmile with confidence with beautiful, natural-looking dentures from your Lincroft dentist at Newman Springs Dental Care.

Dentures are removable or fixed dental appliances that replace missing teeth. Gone are the days of fake-looking artificial teeth. Modern tooth replacements closely resemble natural teeth and may even improve your smile!

A denture can be partial or full/complete. A partial denture is used when a patient has some teeth remaining, while full dentures are used when all teeth are missing. A partial tooth replacement not only fill gaps left by missing teeth, but also prevent existing teeth from shifting.

Complete dentures are either conventional or immediate. A conventional denture is placed after tooth extraction and after the gums have healed. This means that you will go without teeth while your gums are healing. In contrast, immediate teeth replacment are made in advance and placed immediately after teeth are removed. Adjustments are made once your gums heal and shrink.

Modern tooth replacements are designed for durability. But over time, they may need to be repaired or replaced due to normal wear.

Good candidates for dentures are patients:

  • Missing an entire arch of teeth
  • Missing several teeth in an arch
  • Who want to improve chewing, speech and appearance

After getting a tooth replacement, it’s normal to experience temporary soreness, increased saliva flow and possible speech and chewing difficulties. These will subside once your mouth gets used to your new tooth replacement.

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