Sedation Dentistry

Relax With Sedation Dentistry

Get the treatment you need in absolute comfort with Sedation Dentistry at Newman Springs Dental Care.

Many patients are terrified of visiting the dentist and postpone treatment until absolutely necessary. With Sedation Dentistry at Newman Springs Dental Care, you can say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to beautiful, healthy teeth.

Your Lincrofts dentists at Newman Springs Dental Care take care of patients with dental anxiety every day. Patients who want to get treated in total comfort take a sedative about an hour before the procedure to help them relax. They are fully conscious and able to interact with our dental team, but with limited awareness of what is going on around them. They may not even remember sitting in the dentist’s chair!

Sedation Dentistry is the only way some patients can get necessary dental care. Besides helping you relax, sedatives increase comfort, control your gag reflex, increase cooperation, save time and leave you with little or no memory of the procedure. Don’t forget to ask about sedation if you have dental fears and phobias, suffer from headaches, toothaches and TMJ disorders or undergoing oral dental surgery at this Dentist NJ.

Patients are often amazed that they no longer fear dental visits after sedation. Years of dental work can even be accomplished in a few visits with this method. End dental anxiety today and get the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Learn more about sedation dentistry, call us at 732-352-3903 or drop by our office in Lincroft, New Jersey.

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