Six-Month Smiles


Many adults are afraid or embarrassed to smile because of noticeable gaps, overlapping teeth, or poorly aligned teeth. If you are one of them, you may think the only way to address your problem is by getting traditional braces. As an adult, traditional braces are not an attractive option – they could take years to work and are expensive. Newman Springs Dental Care has a solution that will fit your busy lifestyle and your budget beautifully – Six-Month Smiles.

Six-Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses clear braces to align the teeth that are visible when you smile. The treatment is more affordable than traditional orthodontics, usually takes only about six months, and is a barely noticeable cosmetic option that adults love.

Your teeth are fitted with clear braces with tooth colored wires, so they are hardly noticeable. Since the technique is gentle, focusing only on the appearance of your smile, the whole process is virtually painless. Your checkups and appointments are brief, and you only have to wear the braces for about six months. After that, a retainer helps maintain the smile you have fallen in love with.

If you have been looking for a treatment that is less invasive, looks better, costs less, and works faster than other methods, Six-Month Smiles is your path to a beautiful smile. Contact Newman Springs Dental Care for a consultation today.

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